Divi - SUP

We are DIVI  -   Didi and Kamen Velikovi and together with Beglika Fest we give you the chance to try SUPs

What's SUP you think? It comes from Stand Up Paddleboard or said in a different way it is a surf with paddle. Thanks to the paddle you can surf everywhere, no need of waves for SUPping.

SUPs give you the opportunity to get closer to Nature in a unique way, feel the water, sun and wind in the same time.  You can use it for workout or you can just chill on it, rocked gently by the waves, you can do yoga on it or you can fish, you can catch waves or go in whitewater if you want some adrenaline,  you can take your dog or another beloved creature with you, you can peek into the life of bids and wild animals from a different view point, you can go camping on places accessible only by water … you can do and go wherever your imagination takes you.